ACRYLITE® LED - for high efficiency light delivery

Four transparent grades provide a choice for edge lighting with maximum transmission and two translucent grades are specifically made for backlit applications to eliminate the potential for hot spots. ACRYLITE® polymers are well known for premium weatherability, superior optics and ease of processing.

For back lit applications

ACRYLITE® LED is available in two special whites developed specifically for backlit applications with strong LED light. The two materials provide uniform light distribution, high transmission and excellent hiding power of disturbing hotspots.

The products' enhanced light diffusion properties allow for decreased acrylic sheet thickness and the ability to place the lens in close proximity to the light source while still scattering the light evenly. This gives the designers the ability to create smaller profiles and save costs on materials.

For edge lit applications

Components made from ACRYLITE® LED LD grades appear crystal clear and are completely transparent when unlit. They have been optimized for edge lighting so as to guide light across different linear lengths. No additional diffusion films or micro-structures are needed to achieve uniform light distribution across its entire surface.