ACRYLITE® Optical acrylic compounds achieve the maximum purity in acrylic polymers. ACRYLITE® Optical grades use propriety purifications processes that ensure the polymers are free of any visible dust, fines and contaminates. These specialty compounds provide the high optical purity needed for applications that require high transmission efficiency in long light paths. The low absorption coefficient characteristics provide the best possible outcomes for sophisticated light pipes and interior lighting lenses.

ACRYLITE® Pure Optical Quality (POQ) Grades have formulation refinements that further ensure its high optical pureness. The product is excellent for long path light guide applications, but should not be used for outdoor applications and should only be used with LED lighting sources.

ACRYLITE® Optical Supure® acrylic compounds are designed to deliver an end-product of extreme purity and clarity with no visible defects. Typical applications in automotive include instrument cluster lens, interior lighting lenses and telematic covers. In lighting applications it is used for light pipes and covers. In optical products for eye wear, cameras, binoculars, telescopes, scientific instruments and testing equipment.

Both products are available in specially designed packaging options that ensure that purity is maintained during delivery.

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