ACRYLITE® Optical HT is an amorphous, thermoplastic molding compound for use in all applications where a crystal clear, weathering stable acrylic material is required.

  • High level Vicat Softening temperature (118°C)
  • UL RTI – Resistance to Thermal Aging (105°C)
  • High Clarity – Suitable for Light guides > 500 mm
  • Weathering stability – UL f1 rating, AMECA
  • Good Processability – MVR comparable to standard material

Market Trend

Modern product designs demand and use

High power LED lenses

Long light guides

This leads to challenging optical and thermal requirements for materials used.

Current Issue

Numerous material solutions in the market for these applications offer:

High optical quality or High long-term service temperature

Röhm Solution

ACRYLITE® Optical HT offers in a single product:

High optical quality and High long-term service temperature

Applications for ACRYLITE® Optical HT

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