ACRYLITE® Resist impact acrylic polymers

ACRYLITE® Resist impact acrylic polymers are specially formulated to offer enhanced impact resistance, toughness and chemical resistance, without sacrificing clarity. These compounds combine maximum impact performance with the clarity expected from a standard PMMA material.

ACRYLITE® Resist compounds resist the adverse effects of outdoor weathering, retaining both physical properties and appearance after long periods of outdoor exposure.

ACRYLITE® Resist polymers are available in a number of grades that vary according to comonomer content, molecular weight, lubricant content and rubber modified content. Depending on the application, there is an ACRYLITE® Resist polymer grade that provides the optimum balance of impact resistance and melt flow.

NOTE: All grades have excellent weatherablity. Our ACRYLITE® Resist polymers are also available in Hi-Gloss acrylic (formerly known as Non-Transparent Acrylic -NTA) grades with extremely deep color, high gloss surface.

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