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Making its mark in the future

About ACRYLITE® Polymers

ACRYLITE® Polymers

Trademarked in 1976, ACRYLITE® is now a well-established brand of acrylic.

ACRYLITE® is an inspirational material, a plastic that can be used to shape the future. Meaning it is full of dynamic to inspire infinite possibilities. To underscore this fact, ACRYLITE® is launching a its brand mark. The brand mark, the Swing, symbolizes openness, dynamism and boundless creative versatility.

The ACRYLITE® family

ACRYLITE® combines a plethora of properties and offers a unique range of solutions for highly specific applications. From impact resistant and heat-reflecting to special surface textures and solar applications: over the years, the ACRYLITE® family has produced specialists for the most diverse requirements. These molding compounds and sheet products have been grouped together under names that reveal the material’s key property at first glance.

The ACRYLITE® family contains the following brands:

ACRYLITE® Heatresist





ACRYLITE® Satinice

Evonik is a worldwide manufacturer of PMMA products sold under the ACRYLITE® trademark in the Americas and under the PLEXIGLAS® trademark on the European, Asian, African and Australian continents.