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Application Areas

ACRYLITE® on Board

Applications include tail lights, consoles, lenses, appliqués, body trim and more.

We offer a complete portfolio of acrylic polymer products tailored to meet the highly specialized requirements of the automotive industry. Color formulations meet SAE J576c requirements backed by our global automotive team Products meet FMVSS 108 specifications and are listed by AMECA.

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Exterior: Automotive Lighting

From headlamps, rear lights, brake lights and indicator lights: ACRYLITE® for automotive lighting.

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Interior: Lighting and Display

High transparency and outstanding lighting properties make ACRYLITE® the material of choice for interiors.

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Exterior: Automotive Body Parts

ACRYLITE® for car body applications provide a very sleek appearance.

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Interior: Decorative Trims

ACRYLITE® has excellent surface properties and is pleasant to the touch.

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Exterior: Glazing

Design freedom, function integration and weight savings with ACRYLITE® auto glazing

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