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ACRYLITE Dark Figure

We have set the standard globally in non-transparent automotive trim applications (NTA) with our line of specialty acrylics.

Leading automotive OEMs around the world are adopting our ACRYLITE® Hi-Gloss polymer products for applications ranging from decorative appliqués and functional parts to mirror housings and roof elements. 

Our ACRYLITE® Hi-Gloss polymers offer outstanding features and benefits:

  • Extreme depth of color for outstanding appearance

  • Excellent weather resistance throughout the car’s life cycle

  • High-gloss surface (Class A) for lasting appeal

  • Robust, high-gloss surface from which any minor scratches can easily be polished away

  • High heat defelction temperature for structural stability

  • dimensional


We offer a range of grades which will enhance bottom-line results, including: 

  • Ease of processing for efficient molding and stable part production

  • Cost-effectiveness & savings compared with painted systems

  • Reliable technical assistance worldwide