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ACRYLITE® is the ideal medium for displaying light. It is not only the light source that is important, but also the signal effect produced by light guides, lenses and light covers.

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Where high heat resistance and lighting efficiency is desired, ACRYLITE® Heatresist provides the solution.

ACRYLITE® Heatresist FT15 offers very high heat resistant characteristics compared to most other grades of ACRYLITE® polymer. ACRYLITE® Heatresist hw55 provides the maximum heat resistant properties and highest tensile and flexural strength of all grades of ACRYLITE® polymer.

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Rear, brake and indicator lights:

ACRYLITE® polymers for UV and weather-resistant covers, as well as for light guides for taillights and turn signal indicators.

ACRYLITE® Resist compounds resist the adverse effects of outdoor weathering, retaining both physical properties and appearance after long periods of outdoor exposure.