ACRYLITE® Polymers

Application Areas


ACRYLITE® LED is our specialty acrylic molding compounds designed for edge and back-lit applications. Four transparent grades provide a choice for edge lighting with maximum transmission and two translucent grades are specifically made for backlit applications to eliminate the potential for hot spots.

  • ACRYLITE® LED is available in two special whites developed specifically for backlit applications with strong LED light.

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  • ACRYLITE® LED LD grades have been optimized for edge lighting so as to guide light across different linear lengths.

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ACRYLITE® polymers and ACRYLITE® Satinice light diffusing polymers:

zdf light tubes in plaza
  • ACRYLITE® polymers offer excellent clarity and high light transmission supported by their excellent UV stability. They provide a lighting efficiency that outperforms glass and all other transparent plastics.

  • ACRYLITE® Satinice zd polymer offers the addition of higher impact resistance to it's excellent light diffusion properties.

We offer a wide variety of acrylic compounds to meet a range of applications in consumer, industrial and office lighting markets including:

  • Office lighting diffusion panels and covers

  • Lighting globes and fixtures for outdoor lighting applications

  • Decorative and HID (high intensity discharge) lighting systems

  • Our arylic polymers for interior and exterior lighting meet the highest requirements of functionality and esthetics.