ACRYLITE® Heatresist

Where high heat resistance and lighting efficiency is desired, ACRYLITE® Heatresist polymer provides the solution.

ACRYLITE® Heatresist FT15 offers very high heat resistant characteristics compared to most other grades of ACRYLITE® polymer. ACRYLITE® hw55 provides the maximum heat resistant properties and highest tensile and flexural strength of all grades of ACRYLITE® Heatresist polymer..

Benefits of ACRYLITE® Heatresist polymer:

  • Retains maximum transparency after long-term exposure to heat in contrast with other plastics
  • Superior tensile and flexural strength of all ACRYLITE polymer grades
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Break and scratch resistance
  • Excellent weathering resistance AMECA listed
  • Best isopropyl alcohol resistance of ACRYLITE® polymer grades



  • High efficiency LED light engines
  • Optical lenses
  • Fiber optics
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Nameplates
  • High temperature sight glasses
  • Luminary covers

Automotive - fiber optics in motor vehicles; condenser lenses, headlamps

Marine - navigation & signaling lights; fishfinders and GPS systems

Roads & Runways - airfield, tunnel & subway lighting; high-intensity street lamps

Gauges & Instruments - utility meter lenses/covers

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