Nomenclature change for light diffusing products

Röhm is constantly aiming for better quality and innovations for our products, but also for better solutions along the entire customer journey. This is why we are changing the nomenclature for light diffusing molding compounds from January 1st 2023.

New naming system

New names are designed in accordance with a standardized system:


Brand family Softlight

ACRYLITE® Satinice df23 8N → ACRYLITE® Softlight 8N df23

ACRYLITE® Satinice df23 8N 3V161 → ACRYLITE® Softlight 8N df23 red 33691

ACRYLITE® LED 8N 0V200 → ACRYLITE® Softlight 8N df97

Brand family Edgelight


ACRYLITE® LED 8N LD12 red 3V210 → ACRYLITE® Edgelight 8N LD12 red 33691

Easily configure your ACRYLITE® molding compound according to your specific needs. Facilitate your design process with a better understanding of our products and its combinations.

Updates in databases

Product compositions, production processes, specifications, commercial agreements etc. are not subject to the nomenclature changes.

Your benefits:

  • Simplified material selection by means of a user-friendly naming system
  • Accurate classification of new products by means of standardization
  • Better comprehensibility by means of maximum consistency

New brand families

  • The ACRYLITE® product families Satinice and LED have merged to ACRYLITE® Softlight.
  • The ACRYLITE® LED LD series has been renamed to ACRYLITE® Edgelight.